Hi, I make games.                              

Hi there, person who happened to stumble upon this!

Let’s keep it short and crisp: My name is Angela Wolters and I work on video games. Some of them are experimental. Some of them are silly. Some of them are both. You can read more about me and my projects down below on this page.

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                              What am I even doing here?

As mentioned above, my name is Angela. Right now I'm 23 years old but let's just pretend that I'm still 18. I hate getting older. I love rubber ducks though! And guinea pigs! I also have a passion for wearing bathrobes all day and drinking way too much coffee and wine.

Enough random facts – let‘s talk about making games.

I started somewhen in late 2016 as a member of Smoke Some Frogs which was a three person team back then. At first I was mostly only taking care of graphical stuff. This changed after we released our first game – Intra-System: Trust Issues. We parted ways with our former programmer (he‘s still a nice guy though!) and after that I kind of started to learn using Unity overnight.
Just a few months later Daniel and I released our second game – Flufftopia. A few smaller projects and one game which is yet to be released followed and eventually we split up as well. Kind of, at least. We still work together pretty much but focus on our own projects and help each other out from time to time.

I‘ll link some of the games we made below and that will have to do the job for this website for now. Feel free to check some of them out if you want to – all of them are available for free!

Games, woohoo!                              

Intra-System: Trust Issues
News or Truths
Run for Love
Devastated Andrew's Dictaphone